intuitive cooking – why u should love my posts

FOOD. the most primitive and yet divine thing in EVERYBODY’s life. Like it or not, our lives depend and revolve around food. Some even say ’love of food is love of life’. Well, dah? Obviously.

If you love food, you just have to love cooking. Cause it’s not only about putting things into your mouth. It’s about the process. So no shortcuts. No excuses. Otherwise you only love eating, knowing shit about the food you eat.

Ok – to the point. intuitive cooking.

Been doing it soooo freaking long although have never used to call it that way. But yeah, it all comes down to it.

intuition. palate. taste buds. 

and since we all are different, so is our intuition. palate. and taste. and what about the portions? how much is one serving for u? and for me?  it’s freaking arguable, init? Fancy-shit fine dining restaurants think it’s only three freaking bites. Well, I’m still fucking hungry! And flavors? Don’t let me even start on thaaaat! The point is…cooking is personal. It’s about your personality, your choices, your preferences. Kind of me-myself-and-i thing.

That’s why i believe in intuitive cooking. Recipes are good as a start if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. My suggestion? NEVER stick to them. Manipulate. Upgrade. Tailor to your palate. Follow your intuition, your nose, your taste buds. The recipe is only great if it tastes great to you!

Plus, we – too ordinary people of the ordinary world – cook with what we’ve got at the moment. Or is it only me not having my pantry and fridge fully stocked 24/7 the whole freaking year? Yeah. Life’s a bitch, so there’s always some ingredient that’s about to go bad so you rush to use it. Or you run out of something and only realize it right in the middle of your cooking process. Been there, done that.

So i often end up freestyling. Making shit up. And it usually works. And you know what? It’s delicious. And therapeutic. And ethical, as it’s ALWAYS vegan.

I’ve decided to share my culinary ideas, discoveries and upgrades. And they come WITH my vision. So that everyone is free to do their own thing, not having to be recipe-perfect.


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