why u should probably leave

See, the Internet has divided people into two types: I-fake-my-life-on-social-media phony-ass bitches that probably feel ugly in their real lives, and the poor losers that feel their opinions are somewhat important to share with others and delude themselves that someone will listen. (they won’t)

Anyway, I happen to be the second type, so yeah…here I am. A big-talker, big-dreamer, that has too much shit going on on her mind and need an outlet for at least part of it. I don’t give a damn about the likes. Imma just be me, plain and simple. Share some freaking delicious food, express radical vegan opinions, hate on all the shit that’s fucked up in the world, share more food, idealize my dog, try to unfuck the world in baby steps and then share some food again.

Food for thought and thought for food. And unlimited number of fucks to give away.

So, if your ass can’t handle it – get the hell outta here.


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